Gmailify : googling all your email adresses


From now and forever,  it’s possible to benefit fully from all Google products with your Yahoo, Hotmail and Outlook account.  If you use another email but the three aforementioned, you have to wait a little to use Gmailify.  Better than the last application launched by Google in 2015 which only made you able to consult  your received messages, with Gmailify, you can use an Yahoo account like a pure Gmail one.  You can read, send, archive messages and protect your réception box with Google Antispam.


Gmailify transform  virtually all your email adress into a Gmail one by linking all other account with a google email adress. You need then to create a gmail account in case you don’t have one.  if you are a google product addict, it’s the realization of your dream when you have multiple account for diverse reasons.


Strategic method to encourage the world to only use a Gmail interface in the future, Google has given it all, free to use and free to quit at anytime you want.  With Gmailify, Google will once again lead the domain of Big Data in recolting users information and increase its revenues through ads.


Using Gmailify does not have impact on your original account and Gmailifying  your email takes no longer than one minute.

Published on Friday, 19 February 2016 06:00