Education : age limit for all formal reviews


According to the Ministry of Education, a minimum age for candidates for all national formal reviews will be implemented in 2017 advancing that the worsening results of the last few years is due to immature independent candidate taking the exam too soon.  With this décision, Government hopes animprovement in the quality of education.


Starting the next school year 2016 – 2017, the CEPE (Primary School Certificate) and the BEPC (Junior High School Certificate) are the most concerned. Students skipping classes won’t be able to take exam anymore. For the CEPE, the minimum age will be of 9 and a minimum of  14 years old will be required to take the BEPC.


« No exception will be allowed, even for genius »  said Ms Voahangy Razanatsoa, national director of Anglican schools. For pedagogues, it is essential to attend hinged classes to avoid intellectual gap between students later at the university. 2015 might be the last year for young independent candidates to take their baccalaureate.


Regarding this new regulation,  the point on a student’s vocation and skills should also be considered. Instead of spending time and energy studying mathematics and physics whereas a kid has a heart for music, painting or writting. Moreover, malagasy educational system doesn’t focus on how to sharpen student’s creativity, a way actually privileged in the United States.

Published on Saturday, 27 February 2016 11:12