Facebook acquires MSQRD



                                                                      Photo Transhumaniste.fr

The transaction amount wasn’t made public but the best of selfie application « Masquerade » was acquired by Facebook.  MSQRD is the most free download application on Appstore for selfie addict.  Masquerade has made available its Androide beta version the last few days.


The objective is to improve video experience of Facebook users, after the set up of LIVE,  a streaming video service  Live, Facebook acquures Masquerade (MSQRD, a selfie application with a high level of authenticity with which you can take photo or film your self behind a mask.


The application the same principle as Face Swap Live but MSQRD is far ahead  more efficient using  mapping 3D technology with face movement captors. You can Switch your face with those of celebrities like Barack Obama, Leonardo Dicaprio… Although acquired by Facebook, MSQRD will remain independent according the Facebook spoksman.  Nevertheless, start-up acquired by the giant social network often integrate the company and its services.

Published on Thursday, 10 March 2016 06:47