Purple drank : threat on youth


Produced in the United States in early 90’s, the Purple drank has an increasing popularity in France. Cases of suspicious purchases from phamacies and 18 reports of abuse and misuse between January and August 2015, the French National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) launch a general warning for people in the medecine world. 


Purple in color, Purple drank is a  mixture of two drugs antitussive and antihistamine added with soda or juice. Used for recreative purpose,  Purple drank is available without medical prescription and takes rank among the most sold drink in festive evening by young  people in France. 


The popularity of this beverage, or precisely the « abuse » of this new beverage  worries french health authorities because of  two drugs essential for the manufacture of the Purple drank. 

The « codein » is a powerful antitussive element and the  «  promethazin » is  used for occasional insomnia. Technically, the Purple Drank is for people suffering for severe cough who cannot sleep in the night.  We remember all ourselves who have been in this situation in the past with stuffy noose.


No matter what, drugs used for medecine purpose should never be used for public beverage ...

Published on Monday, 14 March 2016 06:44