Connected contact lens registration for Sony


What can be more precised than our view ? Taking photos with precision with the blink of an eye is now real. The last patent of the japanese high tech leader Sony for connected contact lens  has enough to confirm its leadership position in optic. Since 2013, Sony has worked on a  miniature camera photo, the patent number US2016/0097940 A1 is available here,


This invention will we be welcomed by fans of connected objects ; more than a traditionnal contact lens,  the patent of this connected contact lens includes sensors, bluetooth communication microchip and storage space which makes it different from Samsung project.   With this revolutionnary camera, our eyeball is in control of everything will be the prefered gadget for spies. Sony declared that the product is able to make the difference between natural winks and blinking for image capture.


Google Glass has become then too big,  however, the miniaturization of all components increases the challenge of this new lens when it’s about user safety, future cyborg.   


Published on Monday, 02 May 2016 07:58