Blueline - BIP : the 4th mobile operator in Madagascar


Blueline Madagascar won’t only be  known as an internet access provider ; the company launched officially BIP, a simcard offering  to its users an illimited access to Facebook and ten other websites,  the major advantage that none has never offered in Madagascar.


The ascension of Blueline as in the mobile sector will strenghten the competition between existing operators. With a nationwide coverage, the Chief Executive Officer of Blueline Damien de Lamberterie declared the company has been investing  millions of euros for years before the launch of BIP.  He also argued that the company holds  a valid license to provide voice and data services, fixed and mobile.


Moreover, apart call, sms and internet, mobile banking will also be available with BIP like with its peers. The Facebook representative,  Ms Ebele Okobi, Head of Public policy in Africa has travelled especially from Johanesbourg to attend the the press conference at the City Hall in Analakely.  


The cheapest in the market, BIP offers a single rate of 1ar/sec all year, a big bang  to all national operators. 39 seconds free call will also be offered each day to those who have a minimum credit of 500 Ariary as stated Mr Carlos Yanogo, BIP General Director.  The arrival of BIP in the market is a new step into the digital development in Madagascar


Published on Saturday, 04 June 2016 08:06