Education : Bel Avenir NGO rewarded by the Ministry of National Education


Operating mainly in the South West of Madagascar for ten years, Bel Avenir NGO’s devotion for promoting education in the region was rewarded by the Ministry of  National Education (MNE). On behalf of the Minister Paul RABARY, The regional director of the MNE gave the NGO Director, Jose Louis Guirao the award certificate.


Building schools and promoting tourism, Bel Avenir’s endeavour captured the Ministry’s attention.  Through social projects, making « Education as the driver of  economic development » is the objective of Bel Avenir. The malagays NGO is member of the Eau De Coco network, present in eight countries to promote children’s rights and fight against child labour.


In 2003, the NGO opened the College des Salines to put an end to child exploitation in saline exploitation in the village of Ankalika. In the same intention, in 2008, the School of Saphirs (Ecole des Saphirs) was built in Antsohamadiro near Ilakaka ; the town of precious stones to stop child exploitation in mining areas.  Around 1 500 bursaries are offered each year for underprivileged children.


For young adults, Bel Avenir owns three vocational training centers in Fianarantsoa, Tulear and Mangily for those who want  to learn the craft. Moreover, the NGO offers extracurricular activities to sensitize all population about the benefits of education.

Published on Saturday, 25 June 2016 10:20