Ten scholarships in tourism offered by Swiss embassy and ONTM


Swiss Government has alwayss admitted the importance of tourism in the development of Madagascar. To promote the sector and improve the know-how of promising young malagasy students, a partnership has been built between Swiss Government  and  Madagascar National Office of Tourism (ONTM).  From this partnership,   ten scholarships are available to students holding their baccalaureate for a basic training  in Boma at Hospitality College based in Kenya.


The Hospitality college of  Boma will be affiliated with the Alpine Center, an excellent hotel school in  Switzerland starting in January 2017.  The scholarship will be offered for a period of six months and is destined for high school graduates whose objective is to initiate  on hospitality core businesses.  Courses equal to first year courses for a three years total cursus.


The preselection of twenty applicants will be made by ONTM and the Swiss enbassy while the ten final beneficiaries will be collectively selected by  the Ministry of Swiss Foreign Affairs and Boma Hospitality College.


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Published on Wednesday, 20 July 2016 11:32