Solar eclipse 2016 : special glasses available only at authorized retailers


Madagascar will be one of the wonderful places to admire the solar eclipse next 1st September 2016. From the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean,  the beauty of a solar eclipse can be experienced mostly in Majunga and Tamatave region. One more point for tourism, the Ministry of Health with the Ministry of Trade and Consumption issued yesterday a communiqué about certified reseller of special glasses.


In order to avoid any risks of blindness during the next solar eclipse, observing the phenomenon without adequate glasse can lead to retinal burn by light irradiation. Therefore the sales of glasses is strictly under the control of the two ministries.  Recommended places to buy are only at certified resellers which are  :


-       Pharmacies

-       Drug depot

-       Approved optician

-       Supermarkets

-       Gas station store


Any other places are not recommended.

Published on Thursday, 11 August 2016 06:40