JRUMP : Donald Trump invades the galaxy


In real life but also in virtual one, Donald Trump is a hero. Launched last Friday 18 in Las Vegas, Jrump is an online game available on  Android and IOS Smartphone to turn into realities the candidate’s promises. After the Surgeon Simulator 2013 who enable players to transplant  golden or cold heart to Donald Trump, Jrump is ungratful as the way the candidate is talking during his speech.


After three months coding, Jrump’s creators want the dream of Trump to be true. Having promised to build a big wall along the mexican border, the founders wanted to exploit this love for walls and represent the apocalypse after his election.


Fictive and humorous, the story starts in 2017 after Donald Trump would have won the election. Jrump is a new brick game which objective is to build walls for Donald Trump to invade the galaxy but it won’t be easy, adversaries would be there : Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kim Jung-Un, Bernie Sanser and Mexican people.  The game doesn’t hesitate to treat you as a « loser » and « weak » for each lost level or for the tiniest error. « You Jrump like a loser »

Published on Monday, 19 September 2016 08:46