Google : Pixel is to surpass Iphone


Is this what we call an « iphone killer » ? The new made by google android Smartphone Pixel Phone was launched in 4th october 2016. In the United States, Verizon will be the sole operator to distribute the real Pixel ; sold with a non unlatchable bootloader. One has to buy on Google store to get unlockable pixel available in three colors : quite black, Really blue  ( only for the USA residents) and Very silver.


No personalization, pixel is the first  Smartphone to hold highly protective systems by avoiding users to download alternatives ROMS  to counter general android protection by reseting the phone. However, the best new for mobile operator is the exclusivity of the phone, the impossibility for people to change operator is a way to make them stay for good after getting all the benefits of a special offer.


Available in 2 sizes,  Pixel (5 inches for 143 grams) and Pixel XL (5,5 inches for 168 grams),  Pixel design is close to Iphone appearance with unlimited storage for photos and videos.  Prices will be between 759 € and 1009 €.  With this next step into the hardware world, Google has the highest rated Smartphone camera with Google Assistant inside. Performed by the taiwanese company High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC), Pixel is equipped with fingerprint sensor where Google wants to make artificial intelligence at the core of its success.

Published on Thursday, 06 October 2016 09:02