UNICEF Madagascar rewards « I Draw my Hope » winners


Two months and a half after the launch of « I Draw my hope » contest followed by a hard choice making, time has come for UNICEF Madagascar to announce officially the  name of the 6 winners of the two categories. From more than 30 000 participants in the beginning, they were 5 (one being absent) to be rewarded this morning at the American Center during the award ceremony in the presence of Paul RABARY, Minister of National Education and Ms Elke WISCH, UNICEF representative in Madagascar.  In parallel, the 44 best drawings coming from the 32 National Education Regional Direction (DREN) throughout the country are on display at the American Center Hall.


During 70 years, UNICEF has been promoting children’s rights and this contest was a great opportunity both for children to make their hope heard and  adults to understand their dreams.  Analysing children’s drawing, all of them want to live in a world where hospitals, schools and houses are beautifully built in a clean environment. Some with only a photo of a « gendarm » shows how insecure is where they are living in …


To the Minister of National Education, Paul RABARY, this contest has contributed to attain the Ministry’s objectives ;   « Children have the right to a decent education as well as a good working environment … they are working better in a healthy environment » he said.

National Winners / Regions


First category (6 – 8 years old)

1st ANDRIATSAFIDY Miora Ny Aina (Haute Matsiatra)

2nd ANJARAMAMPIONONA Aina Erica (Bongolava)

3rd FANOMEZANTSOA Aurélie ( Vatovavy Fito Vinany)


Second category (9 – 12 years old)

1st ROBY Kwan Kaylie (SAVA)

2nd ANDONIAINA Prospère Van’Ark (Boeny)

3rd RASOLOFONIAINA Mamisoa Sarobidy (Alaotra Mangoro)

Published on Wednesday, 19 April 2017 15:33