Onward Together : Hillary Clinton returning to political life


Photo : Drew Angerrer / Getty Images

Is this a proof of perseverance or addiction in politic ? Six months after her loss of the presidential post in 2016 (second in her political career) Hillary Clinton’s first appearance in public was to announce the launch of her new political group " as soon as next week " though no official date has been fixed as reported by Politico.  At 69 years old, the former democratic candidate hasn’t given up in countering Donald Trump and America as well.  The new entity, called " Onward Together" marks the first step of her official return to political life against President Trump. Her new organization’s priority is to support the " Resistance" eager to  provide tangible results.   


Onward Together is the continuation of her failing presidential slogan " Stronger Together". Supporting financially grassroots of the resistance composed of  small to large group of activists and make them well-organized. Managed by a Political Action Commitee (PAC), Onward Together will focus on investment in ideas of new or existing groups  of activists with different projects and strategies. She said "Ideas we championed are now inspiring leaders and activists across our country.


According to Axios, PAC key members include, Dennis Chang, Clinton’s campaing finance director, Judith Mchale, former Secretary of State under Obama administration and Minyon Moore, an expert in Democratic Party development strategy. Politico also reporter that " The new organization is not expected to have a large staff, but will instead focus on sending money to other organizations at a time that Democratic donors are largely unsure about how they should be spending their cash . "


After the defeat of previous election, this project is really intended to continue onward, she continued that " it’s not a vehicle to run for anything herself ".  However, an eventual candidature for the next presidential election remains uncertain.

Published on Friday, 05 May 2017 10:51