Facebook : more ads on Messenger


The deal is not the same anymore ; if Mark Zuckerberg affirmed that ads are not a good manner to monetize a messenger application when he purchased Whatsapp in 2014, next trimester, advertisers will be able to advertise through FB Messenger.


800 millions users and more than 1 billion downloads on Android system, Facebook Messenger is a good place for online advertisment. However, Facebook promises its users to not spams of  ads from anyone you don’t even know. According to the us website Techcrunch, advertiser should only send their ads to people with whom they initiate a conversation prior to advertising. Therefore a person who at least have click the « like » button of their Facebook page.  Obtaining more «  fans » is the key of success.


Beside the evident financial profit  of this new trend, Facebook  declares it to be an oportunity to live a high quality participative experience between users.  


Moreover, the transformation of Facebook Messenger will also imply the SMS to Messenger and vice versa. The  possibility to combine two or more Facebook accounts without having to disconnect each time. One more point for those who manage both profesionnal and personal account on Facebook .  Thumbs up !

Published on Friday, 19 February 2016 15:58