Freedom 251 : the cheapest Smartphone in the world


The unimaginable is now real, for 3€, you can have a Smartphone. Freedom 251 is from now the cheapest Smartphone in the world. Neither a gadget nor a toy, Freedon 251’s functionalities are not even too bad bad.


Created by a young company Ringing Bells located in North of India,  with the support of India government, you can have your smartphone for 3,3 € or 251 rupees where comes its name : Freedom 251.

Many application are already installed such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, Google Play and for technical details, Freedom 251 is :


-       4 inches screen

-       1,3 Ghz processor

-       Android Lollipop 5.1 system

-       8 Go storage capacity with a maximum extension of 32 Go

-       Wifi – Bluetooth – 3G internet connexion

-       3,2 Megapixel camera and 0,3 Mpx frontal camera


Freedom 251 is the cheapest Smartphone after the 25 $ Smartphone of Mozilla in 2014.

Published on Saturday, 20 February 2016 17:20