When Madagascar shines …


A rich African country inhabited by a quasi-poor population, Madagascar is a country where corruption is rampant and unfair competition leads jealous to roadblock emerging businessmen. In Madagascar, an economic success seems to be dependent on support you can get from government in place, but behind this creepy evidence flourish some exceptions, some malagasy industries that are shinng in the middle of the dark to expand internationally.

Gastronomie Pizza Madagascar

The name refers to Pizzas, but for Malagasy who are used to going there, we speak of ice cream,  baking and most of all,  a quality restaurant. Founded by its General Director,  Chief Arson Ambinintsoa Randrianaivo, Gastro Pizza has raised high the malagasy tricolor flag internationally. Based in Madagascar since 2002, the company's beginnings were less than modest.


The company has faced several challenges and crisis. And even after the closure of its center in Mauritius, the company has expanded in South Africa, Benin, Senegal and Ethiopia. This 100% malagasy owned company is the pride of the entire nation where HACCP quality standards (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) are applied.

Being one of the top african entrepreneurs, Ambinintsoa Randrianaivo was already named best entrepreneur in 2008 by the BNI Crédit Lyonnais bank and also received the international award for the best pizza in Africa in 2015 in Geneva.

Chocolaterie Robert Madagascar

Madagascar cocoa is one of the best in the world and it is not surprising to see the Malagasy chocolate being awarded during  international meeting.The first chocolate factory in Madagascar has over 75 years of history and the products,  manufactured from french traditions process have seduced the world.


The company currently headed by Marcel Ramanandraibe  raffled prestigious titles such as the Silver Cup Award by the Academy of Chocolate in 2007 and won four medals during the International Chocolate Awards in London in November 2014. Products are now on American market, European and the Indian Ocean region. Since October 2015,  Parisians can taste these malagasy delights due to  the  store concepts launched in the 12th district in Paris. In Madagascar. Today,  the  Robert Chocolate factory has its own branch of high-end pastry.


Bats are the source of Guanomad success, a  company known in the manufacturing and export of ECOCERT certified natural fertilizer. Since 2011, the Malagasy guano comes mainly from bats and is currently exported to USA, Europe, Canada and Africa. The national success of Guanomad became an international reference.


With its bio fertilizer, the  Chief Executive Officer of Guanomad Erick Rajonary gave a big boost to the green revolution in Madagascar. Financial partner of an NGO in southern of Madagascar and humanitarian organization in Antananarivo. The Corporate social responsibility of the company  at its top.

Madagasikara Airways

Less than a year old existence and only operating with an Embraer 120 of thirty seats, Madagasikara aIways has already made many jealous. Created in 2015 by the twin brothers Andry and  Manankasina Raobelina, the company is the first 100% Malagasy  owned private airline. The company reflects the failure of the "Brain Drain" phenomenon  and represents a deep sense of patriotism. 


The homecoming of the CEO Manankasina Raobelina to invest in the midst of a promising pilot career in the Emirates should encourage the Malagasy diaspora to do so.  The impact of the company on internal tourism is very significant. The vision of the company to become a new reference in travelling already start to manifest. 

Published on Thursday, 25 February 2016 15:00