A path to professional media entrepreneurship



Internet is a wonderful place for entrepreneurship but many don’t know where to start, what to do or how much to invest at first. Among the ocean opportunities the web is offering us, online journalism is a one of the most dynamic sectors where you can pursue your passion  particularly if you love writting and reporting news. You might starts alone, unknown, mentally torn by uncertainty in the middle of your professional path but greatness has always a price : patience.


What type of Freelancer are you ?

Online journalist first step into writting is often as a « web content writter », a vital actor at  the center of Search Engine Optimization tasks. Blogging, optimizing product description for internet agency. As you are working for an agency, your entire work remains the entire property of the company. You cannot boast for having realized it. This background is rather a quick buck solution than constructing a long term journalism career online. Anyway you can save money from this activity. 

 Distinguish the buzz marketing, the blogging and a professional writting. Becoming an investigative journalist is more than inserting key words in articles with an attractive title. Journalist online is a high prized job but prooving you are a professional one takes time … long time.  And even when this time will come, you will realize you are still learning when it will requires the best of you to emerge again and again.    


The servanthood period

 Starting as a volunteer or an unpaid online writter is always a good starting point or at least you can negociate to be paid through Gogle Ads on the online magazine you will be working for.  If you think it would be a wasted time then you are wrong.  You can always start a blog but be prepared to face perseverence issue if you don’t want to give up in a week and ask yourself Why on hell I started this ?    Your articles remain, your author name will remain forever on the web, you are writting your own   recommendations for future recruitment. You will cherish this servanthood period in due time.


Now everything on your own

Now that you have saved for years, investing in your own media is a choice you have to  reflect carefully. Real magazine, personalized website template …   it’s always better to have your own professional domain name than a free blogspot URL. The question is always How to differenciate your project with existing ones ?   A command of multiple languages is an advantage to diversify your project.  The ploy is to launch a french media in an English or chinese speaking country or the inverse.   Don’t expect immediate revenue from Ads, focus on your reader satisfaction and the quality of your content. I promise you real hard time at the turning point of this road.  

 How to be seen in the internet jungle ? Where to find your first readers ?  How to optimize your articles ? In a way, all those requirements should have been mastered once you wrotte articles for internet agencies.   Finally, everthing works for your good.


International expansion

Time after your digital footprint floods the internet, you can try to contact online publishers, don’t hesitate to offer your service to oversea magazines, dare to work as a correspondent in your own country. Participate in international writting contest and get freelance grants from international organizations. These are really difficult to win but your past work and ability will qualify you for a grant.  Your career has just began … At the end, your magazine can be the bridge for future journalist who will need to writte articles at their beginning.


Start during your young age and grow with your digital success.

Published on Friday, 04 March 2016 09:05