Wrong Connection : Hollywood is in Madagascar


Mission Impossible, Skyfall or the Rayan Initiative … Wrong Connection is not a Hollywood production, it’s the first malagasy spy movie with a hollywood level. Geopolitics, revolutonnary weapon, CIA agent … the imagination of its producers Ando Raminoson and Colin Dupré have made the film unique.


« Wrong Connection » is different from any national movies made before. The synopsys of the film is as below : «  The Malagasy government discovers a revolutionary weapon and decides to put it at auction to redress the country’s economy. North Korea wins the auction threathing the whole world geopolitical balance. The Pyongyang -Tana axis is then closely monitored by the international community. General Pyong is sent to Madagascar to ensure perilous transaction. The CIA agent, Tina, a native of the island  will do everything possible to disrupt the Machiavellian plans this military agreement. Madagascar capital is transformed into a veritable nest of spies”   


Actually in postproduction stage in Paris, the film was shot in Antananarivo for three months in 2015.  The first projection will be in April 2015 and many are already eaget to watch the movie.


The official trailer is available here.

Published on Tuesday, 08 March 2016 13:23