Vasalgel : long term contraception for men


Not a pil, no need for surgery  but only a painless injection. Vasalgel is a revolution in birth control methods. Destined for men, Vasalgel was created by the American fondation Parsemus. Tests on rabbits have shown a year of infertility where as tests on Human race will begin soon in the United States.


Results of our study in rabbits were still better than expected. Vasalgel produces a very fast contraceptive effect which lasted throughout the study because of its hydrogel excellent properties” said Donald Waller, from Chicago University, leader of the research published on the Basic and Clinical Andrology magazine.


Vasalgel is injected into the penis with a long term effect but we don’t know exactly the length of sterility which is certainly longer for Human than rabbits. Even scientists don’t know how long the effects would be.  However, athough Vasalgel effects are reversible, statistics are not good enough. 12 out of 15 tested rabbits became totally sterile after injection and only 7 ou tof these 12 regained their ability to procreate.


From now, no products come close to Vasalgel’s performance. Vasalgel might be available on the market in 2018 hopefully for a low price.

Published on Friday, 01 April 2016 14:12