Reniala NGO : profound devotion for lemurs in  Madagascar


Founded in 1998, Reniala is a franco-malagasy environmental NGO  operating in the South West of Madagascar with the support of both public and private national - international partners. Like its peers, Renial’s activities are the conservation of biodiversity,  scientific research, the development of local economy and finally people sensitization to protect lemurs, the very unique symbol of Madadagascar. 


Reniala reserve and Lemur Rescue Center


Based in Mangily, 27 km from Tulear,  Reniala reserve opened its doors to public in 2001 and is now  a reference in ecotourism destination with its ornithological  and nocturnal visits within  the 60 hectares of botanical trail. The reserve is also a earthly heaven for international researchers and volunteers, all passionate about nature.


For Lemur Catta are considered as species «  in danger of extinction » by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Lemur Rescue Center (LRC) was established in 2011 inside the Reniala reserve itself. This is the first conservation and care center for lemurs whose purpose is to reintegrate lemurs from illegal traffick into their natural environment.   LRC was built with the support of Brigitte Bardot Foundation,  Touroparc Conservation France, the Department of Water and Forests of Tulear, an american NGO and other organizations implied with conservation. 


Disparition of their natural shelter and local trade has lead to captivity around 28 000  lemurs between 2010 and 2013 (Reuters). This captivity yet forbidden and reprimanded is not without consequences for the animals since it generates abnormal and serious health behaviors as aggressiveness and  non-observed in the wild diseases such as stress and depression.  Therefore, the objective of LRC is first to fight against the consideration of lemurs as pet and their use as bushmeat.


Before the translocation of  group of 15 to 22 lemurs in a meticulously selected reserve, LRC activities are based on the rehabilitation to natural conditions lemurs in the center like natural diet (leaves, fruits, flowers) and foraging. Thus, through all thoses activities, LRC  aims to become the center of excellence in rescue and rehabilitation of ring-tailed lemur in Madagascar. Actually, the center is taking care of 28 lemurs.   


Note that the simple opportunity given to a tourist to touch a lemur or take pictures with them promotes and encourages their adoption as pets. These photos showing the human-touch lemur give the public the false impression that the lemurs would not be endangered species. According to according to national legislation, “ hunting, taking possession, consumption and commercialization of species is strictly prohibited in all its forms and is liable to a fine of up to 3 million ariary and an imprisonment of 3 to 5 years (statutory instrument: Ordinance from 1962 to 1920 on the protection of lemurs)


You can follow the Lemur Rescue Center  on twitter @LemurRescueC, on facebook.

Published on Monday, 02 May 2016 06:43