Youtube Unplugged : a live - TV service in 2017


If we know Youtube with videos uploaded by youtubers, the video giant is working on « Unplugged », a pay TV service the company wishes to launch in 2017. It will be the second innovation after Youtube Red, a free-internet and ads video viewing service for 9,99 $ / month.


From now, Youtube Unplugged is in the midst of negociations with majors US media companies such as NBC Universal, CBS, Viacom or Twenty First Century… The service, available on all screen supports intends to charge its service for not more than 35 dollars per month to attract suscribers. The cost  of this service constitutes the sensitive point of negociations for the expected maximum price is not enough for television channels they considered  too much less expensive than traditionnal TV.  


Unplugged will be a source of supplementary income for Youtube which now only create its revenus from ads.  Internet TV and mostly the « Skinny Bundles » concept has seduced more than one groups in Silicone Valley.  Hulu is also competing with Amazon and Netflix while Apple decided to suspend its endeavour to develop live TV service.

Published on Friday, 06 May 2016 05:20