Red Cross Madagascar : humanitarian cause in education with « Ampinga project »


The official  launch of Ampinga project was announced yesterday 18 May 2016 during a press conference  at the Red Cross headquarter in Tsaralalana. Last year, on December 2015, the project received the «  Youth on the Move » award by  the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent enterprises (FICR).  


In partnership with the National Ministry of Education, Ampinga project was especially designed for malagasy youth.  It will be implemented in four high schools in Antananarivo (LJJR, Lycée Moderne Ampefiloha, Lycée Analamahitsy and Institution Sainte Famille Mahamasina)  during May and June 2016 with the hope to sensitize youth on humanity’s contemporary issue  such as the alleviation of human vulnerabilities, health improvement  and most of all the enhancement of respect between human persons regardless of origin, culture or opinion. These differences often emphasize conflicts in social environment if one isn’t careful about.  


Therefore, the project aims to fight against harassement and violence in high school which is responsible of 25 % of student absenteeism.  Ampinga project will mobilize around 30 volunteers from Red Cross Madagascar and not less than 580 students will benefit the program. For a more peaceful communication and a long term impact, the project targets mindset change  in youth with the Youth as Agent of Behavioral Change toolkit.


Published on Thursday, 19 May 2016 15:31