ITM 2016 inauguration : making Tourism a national priority


Tourism is a highly resilient sector and in Madagascar, it continues to keep its head above waters. Yesterday was inaugurated at Carlton hotel the 5th International  Tourism Fair Madagascar in the presence if high personnalities.  Speeches, folk dancing and african song, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was marked by the announcement of the 12 points battle plan suggested by the Minister of Tourism Rolland Ratsiraka to boost tourism.


ONTM : for a more responsible investment

 Tourism is a risky investment in a country experiencing cyclical political crisis and yet , a lot is still to do : infrastructure renovation, easing the access to a cheaper energy and loan rates… Therefore, the National Office of Tourism in Madagascar (ONTM) through the speech of Mr Joël RANDRIAMANDRANTO’s speech called for a guaranty fund from Government to reassure investors. The financial commitment of  200 000 € provided now to the ONTM  is admittedly not enough compared to Maurutius endeavour. 


A credit line of 63 Millions € until 2020


 Valérie Pecresse, Vice president of La Réunion also announced that the Indian Ocean Islands ( Seychelles, La Réunion, Mauritius, Maldives islands and Comoros) can strenghten their regional cooperation with a credit line at the tune of 63 millions Euros offered by the European Union for 5 years from now.  The objective is clear, making tourism on top priority through transforming the Vanilla Islands destination an universal brand in the world.


Tourism : the spearhead of Madagascar economy

 The Minister of Tourism Rolland RaTSIRAKA is confident of thepotential of the Island. He declared « God cheated on Madagascar biodiversity » so we need to enhance the valur of all tourism professions without exception.  Tourism is a transversal sector and the Minister of tourism Roland RATSIRAKA understands it well to suggest the 12 points battle plan to double the number of non resident travelers the next three years to come,  so around 500 000 tourists.    With only 244 321 non resident tourists in 2015, the million of tourist  by 2020 is unreachable he said.


Published on Friday, 03 June 2016 12:03