Solar Impulse 2 : last step of the world tour to Abu Dhabi


After leaving Seville in Southern of Spain and stayed in Egypt for twelve days, Solar Impulse 2 left Cairo Sunday at 1 hour morning to fly to Abu Dhabi where he  started the venture on 9 March 2015. This seventeenth step is the last  of its world tour. The solar plane should land in the Emirtes after 48 hours ending definitely a long journey of sixteen months.


Piloted alternately by swiss talented pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, Solar Impulse 2 is larger than a Boeing 747 and weighs 1,5 Tons with 400 kilos of batteries empowered by 17 000 photovoltaic cells placed along the aircraft wings. It’s the first aircraft to travel using solar energy as its sole fuel and attain a speed of 50kM/h which can double in times of pleintiful sunshine.  The trip is expected to be « difficult » said M Piccard due to high temperature in the region which is close to the limits supported by the engine.


Solar Impulse has stopped in many places of countries around the the world like Oman, India, Burma, China, Japan or the United Stated. Its greatest achievement is the five days transpacific crossing from Japan to Hawaï forcing the pilots to use yoga technics and self hypnosis to remain awake.


Published on Monday, 25 July 2016 11:07