Adblock Plus vs Facebook : and the winner is …


Between the two technology experts, the competition is at its highest point. In response to Facebook will to counter ad blockers for good ; through his tweet of 9 August, Tim Schumacher Co-founder of Adblock Plus confides in its users on his trust on the expertise of Adblock Plus experienced developers and community.  


« I have full confidence in the fact that the great team of developers and the Adblock Plus community will again eradicate unwanted ads on Facebook ... in a few days ! » he said.


Facebook has promised to change the way ads will appear in the screen for adblockers to be confused of which one is a pure content and which one an ad. Apart this trick, the greatest social network also promised Facebookers to allow them to control ads they will see.  This improvement gives more choice to facebooker  and avoid payingadblockers asking for money in exchange of unblock their software.


For Ben Williams, manager of Eyeo, the question of free will of web user is at stake. Internet users have the right to block what they want and Facebook’s movement to counter adblockers is the proof that adblocking is a current trend within the web.  Like Spam makers and spam filters, this war is not the first in internet history.

Published on Thursday, 11 August 2016 11:45