Michael Phelps : no more JO after Rio 2016


For Michael Phelps, time is now for family. The multiple olympic golden medalist in swimming will focus more his boy (Boomer) and fiancée (Nicole). With 27 olympic medals including 22 gold awards, Rio will be the last olympic games for Michael Phelps who declares to be in Tokyo in 2020 but not to swim. (So certainly as a spectator).


After an intention  stop in 2012,  this time,  the decision is definitive. « I will stick to my words » he said. At 31 years old,  Michael Phelps remains the most awarded swimmer of olympic games. His last golden medal will be in the 200 m 4 medley.  


Beaten by Joseph Schooling (Singapour) in 100m butterfly with a new olympic record (50’’39), the Baltimore heroes had to share the 2nd place with Laszlo Cseh  (Hungary) and Chad Le Clos (South Africa). However,  he is still  ending his career with satisfaction and a better state of mind than four years ago.  Altough not invincible, Michael Phelps will remain a legend, the symbol of a highest ranking throughout his career and it’s just huge.


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Published on Saturday, 13 August 2016 14:59