Double murder in Sainte Marie deadly blows tourism in Madagascar


Tourism in Madagascar has been once again   blown by double murder. After the murde rof french couple in Tulear in 2012, liveless bodies of a couple of french eco-volunteers were found in the beach of Sainte Marie, the second most beautiful Island in the East of Madagascar. The murder occured in early morning of Sunday 21 August.


BOLLON Romain Henri (25 years old) and his  partner CHAIGNEU Céline Helène (22 years old) were working as volunteer and intern with CetaMada, an association working for the conservation of marine mammals mostly humpback whales since 2009 in Ambodifotatra (Sainte Marie).  « For more than 15 years, this is the first tragic event of this kind »  stated Jean Jacques Ravello, Vice-president of Cetamada and France Honorary Consul in Sainte Marie.


Sources indicate that they were last found alive in the Casa La nono night to attend BIG MJ concert  they left at 4 o’clock morning, a french resident found them dead in the beach located 150 meters from the disco and informed the local authority.


The young women body,  being half naked, investigators are on the trail of a rape before the pure murder. Both were disfigured and brutally killed. The tragic event was condemned by the entire malagasy Government, the Prime Minister Olivier Mahafaly has ordered to expedite the investigation.  The Minister of Tourism Roland RATSIRAKA travelled to Sainte Marie with brigade members from Tamatave. 


Another symbol in tourism destination has faded away. After Nosy Be, the shiny image of Sainte Marie has dimmed to impact greatly the tourism sector in Madagascar.

Published on Monday, 22 August 2016 09:11