Lemuria Award : for more funny and effective advertising


For the first time in Madagascar, a contest is open to find new talents in ads designing.  Organized jointly by Torio Creative and Iry Design, Lemuria Award was officially open yesterday during a press conference in presence of the event’s representatives. The award is open to any individual above 18 years old, however communication agency is not allowed to participate. The principle is simple, you will be given a product and you will give your best to promote this one.




To value the « Made in Madagascar » product 

For a better communication culture in Madagascar, Lemuria Award is looking for young malagasy artists who can bring innovation, personal touch and a spark of life in the world of advertising. Through humour, fun and creative concepts,  « the objective is to get out of classical ads … an value made in Madagascar product» declares  Razafimamonjiraibe Fano, Director of Torio Creative Madagascar.  

Lemuria Award Organizers Representatives


A 90 sec Spot TV

The award has 3 stages : enrolement, realization and the award ceremony.    Divided into two categories, Amateur and Professional. The participation fee will be 10 000 Ariary for both categories.   Depending on the level, the jury will be higly demanding from the Professional category in term of quality while creativity will be the utmost point to consider for Amateur. Any format will be accepted, either an animation or video for a maximum lenght of 1mn 30s.


A win-win concept

At the end, Lemuria Award will be a gateway for winners to the professionnal world while all ads will be the whole property of partner companies giving it more visibility and production.   The first winner will be awarded the sum of 2 millions Ariary, followed by 1 million Ariary for the second and 700 000 Ariary for the third winner.  Future partnership can be expected.

Published on Saturday, 03 September 2016 09:08