Malagasy Youth : the risk of a lost generation

In Madagascar, extreme poverty attains 56% of the whole population and the country’s economy is laying on a vulnerable foundation ; a high rate of youth unemployement where 50 % of population is under 20 years old. The economic growth has failed to create enough jobs to rely the most on the third sector and despised therefore the primary sector which constitute 80% of the population. With an average age of 21 years old, the labour market is a characterized by  high proportion of poor, and under-employed young.


Youth unemployement crisis is both a global and national concern. The current statistics are from now the worst the country has ever known, 1 out of 2 youngs is jobless and 8 out of 10 active citizens are under-employed. Three quarter of the unemployed are under 30 in Madagascar where those aged between 15 and 24 find it hard to get a job.

Madagascar doesn’t have a clear access to employement policy. Havina a job and being assisted to find one are a righ for any citizen. However, we find neither single job portal for young nor orientation for specific job search in Madagascar. Empowering the young generation to make it the lever of economic and social development  has been forgotten and promoting entrepreneurship which is the market of the future is lacking.


Study made by the United Nations in Madagascar has shown that somewhere, some are trying to get out of the misery of life and working on anything that can meet their own month’s end matching or not their diplomas. Starting small or sometimes with credits ... some of them are today successful entrepreneurs.  The informal sector is employing 94,9 % of young.

 However, « China is planning to relocate 80 millions of jobs in Africa and Madagascar should have a part of it » declared Laurence ANSERMET, the ONUDI representative in Madagascar while also highlighting that there a serious need for profesionalizing all jobs. For government, the five sectors which are the most promising in job creation are Rural Development, TIC, Textile, tourism and all related fields. In partnership with the UNDP, the International Labour Office in Madagascar, 7 regional research and information systems (SRIE) has been established in seven different regions ( Anosy, Menabe, Atsimo Andrefana, Boeny, Diana, Sava, Amoron’i Mania, ) to start matching recruiters and job seekers.

Published on Friday, 07 October 2016 11:03