Tahina RANDRIAMANANA : best young african entrepreneur 2016


At only 22 years old, Tahina RANDRIAMANANA from Madagascar has won the Anzisha Prize 2016, the  African Youth Entrepreneurship Award for young entrepreneurs from 15 to 22 where projects are judged according to market opportunity or social dimension. The ceremony award held on Tuesday 25 october, Tahina will come back to his country with a check of 32 500 $ to develop his fruits and milk processing company employing 12 persons.


Lost his mother  four days after his birth, raised by his grand mother, Tahina decided to  take  control of his life, leaving school at 16 to start with small jobs to make a living.  His touching story and endless efforts to overcome life challenge has connected him with proven entrepreneur such as Harinjaka RATOZAMANANA to finally play with big guns in Johannesbourg.   


After pitching his ventures in front of the 5 judges, winning the award is a turning point for Tahina ; he has become a symbol of success, a national pride for all malagasy people and an inspiration for young generation in difficult circumstances.

Published on Wednesday, 26 October 2016 09:37