Sunny Live Music : not involved in Sexual Tourism in Nosy Be


Affair regarding the involvment of Sunny Live Music in sexual tourism in Nosy Be has finally been cleared.  The story began with a communiqué of Ravintsara Wellness Hotel on their facebook page stated that  the Sunny Live Music managing director and Nosy be Jazz Festival Co-producer Solofo RAFENO, two musicians Stephane Belmondo – Jacky Terrasson and their manager Christophe Deghelt  were expelled from the hotel for sexual tourism motive.


The information rapidly relayed by local media, newspaper and other online news were therefore false including « Sex tourism: Ravintsara dislodges Sunny Live Music producer » on Madagascar Today.  Two days after the publication, people concerned mainly Solofo RAFENO is now waiting for public apologizes mostly from the Hotel for having misled  people. Indeed, Solofo Rafeno had neither been loged at Ravintsara Wellness Hotel so he could not be expelled from it nor the 2 musicians and their manager were expelled, they had decided to leave the hotel due to the  bad ambiance within the hotel.


Official communiqué from Ravintsara Wellness Hotel is still waited by many to confirm this version …  From his side, Solofo Rafeno will sue the responsible of the affair for public defamation  …  To be continued...

Published on Monday, 07 November 2016 19:40