Malagasy Gospel sings children's rights in Europe

They are twenty-one girls and Harris, the only boy and leading voice of the Malagasy Gospel of the Center of Art and Music of  NGO Bel Avenir  to fly to Europe this monday 21 November. Bringing together a repertory of songs in Spanish, Malagasy, French and Catalan, the choir will sensitize the Andorran and Spanish audiences on children rights and everyday life in Madagascar.

Malagasy Gospel is a gospel singing choir founded by around 200 girls and a male voice of a young blind. The NGO Bel Avenir conducts regularly a school follow-up of its beneficiaries and to choose the choristers participating in the tour, one of the selection criteria was school attendance. During a month, meetings with other young people, concerts, exceptional discoveries enable them to grow and become the future leaders of their community.

Organized by the Agua de Coco Foundation, the group's performances will start at the National Auditorium in Ordino, north-west of Andorra on 25 November before continuing at the Cultural Center of Tarragona,  Can Massalera Theater in Barcelona, East of Spain on 26 and 27 November. From 1 to 19 December, the choir will continue its journey through Valladolid, Getxo, Coruña, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca and Madrid.

In all towns where they will pass through, they will carry out cultural exchanges with children of their age in schools such as the Mare De De Del Llidó Public School in Ordino or the Ordino School. The young people of Madagascar will even have the opportunity to stay at the large amusement park Naturlandia in Andorra where they can enjoy great leisure activities like the tobotronc or the 4x4 buggy circuit. For the first time, Malagasy Gospel will present a concert in a boat during their journey from Palma Mallorca to the beautiful city of Ibiza.

Throughout their stay, the girls will fill out their travel notebooks where they will mark all the discoveries they can share with their families and friends once they return home.

After crossing several Spanish cities, the group will close its cultural journey by joining its voices with various choirs from Spain at the Olympic Tennis Center of Madrid "La Casa Mágica" on 17 and 18 December. A family show in which 1,000 children will join their voices to defend their rights.

Published on Monday, 21 November 2016 11:38