Iavoloha – Madagascar : the time to emerge is now …


« At no time of its history, Madagascar has ever gathered as many favorable conditions as today to put itself at the edge of an emergence. »  declared the President Hery Rajaonarimampianina during his yearly Presidential speech yesterday in Iavoloha Palace.  Emerging  … almost a polite manner to admit indirectly that nothing credible hasn’t been done to improve the lives of its 23 millions people since his election.  In general, the presidential speech was to say that the country is ready for a new departure. However, all of us know, Madagascar has everything to prosper, its potential has always been there, natural and mineral ressources, a young and dynamic population …  so why only now is the time to emerge ?


An « extolling speech » contrasting Words and Reality  


For the regime which seems to be busy to see time passing by, 2016 was the year of building the foundation of Madagascar’s take-off. Technical and financial partnership with  international funders, restoring the bruised image of Madagascar as a desperate poor country. The objective is to make Madagascar a modern and prosperous country.  How ? … the answer was missing.


Large part of the President’s speech was devoted to spread out his hatred toward those he considered as « traitors » who came accros his path.   Invisible crisis such as famine in the South, public condemnation, power purchase of population or all concerns of people’s daily life were undisclosed.  Is the wage increase of 7 % for civil servants meet the inflation rate ? What is sure is that the country is heading the year 2017 with a credit of 10 billions $ earned during the Donor’s Conference in 2016.


Some projects were however mentionned to be achieved such as the rehabilitation of the road in the North (Vohémar to Ambilobe) or the construction of hydropower stations. Is this projects list a first step to prepare election in 2018 ?

Published on Saturday, 07 January 2017 15:18