Access Microscholarship Program : launch of Cohort VII in Madagascar.


Implemented in Madagascar since 2011, the Access Microscholarship program has benefited to over 350 students and today, Cohort VII which gather 48 new learners are about to start their journey. This morning, the US Ambassador Tobert Yamate and  the Minister of National Education Paul Rabary have presented certificates of award to 48 newly selected students of Cohort VII and completion certificates to 61 students of Cohort V  who have achieved the two year intensive english Access Microscholarship Program from 2015 to 2016. The ceremony took place in the American Center. 


Sponsored bu the US Department of State, the Access Program aims to help talented youth aged between 13 and 20 from economically disadvantaged sectors to gain english skills through after-school classess and intensive session. « I hope that as a result of participating in the ACCESS program, you have learned not only the language but also other key skill that will make you competitive in future Professional and academic opportunities » said Ambassador Yamate to the newly graduated students during the ceremony.


Through cultural activities and english lessons two days a week tailored to the student’s level, the program emphasizes oral prsentations, listening comprehension strenghtened with an intensive training for two seeks. During full-time intensive courses, they will participate in different personal development and cultural activities such as films, dancing, singing activities and visits to the US Embassy and other businesses and cultural sites in Antananarivo.  They also have lunch with teachers to keep practicing english in an informal seeting.  « Enjoy your chance … English is the language of opportunity, liberation and globalization » stated Paul RABARY, Minister of   National Education.


85 countries in all around the world have participated in the program since 2004. In Madagascar, Access Program has been funded to the tune of 525 000 Usd since 2011.

Published on Saturday, 28 January 2017 17:02