Agressive slap on student might lead to private high school imminent closure


Almost like an assault,  a video showing a teacher violently slapping a student on the face made a buzz on Facebook yesterday afternoon in Antananarivo. The video was recorded discreetly by a guest living in the house facing the concerned private institution before posting it on Facebook.  Finally identified as La Croyance High School located in Anjanahary,  the Ministry of Education’s reaction didn’t take too long  to come.


The event occured yesterday in the schoolyard  around 11h AM where the teacher harshly punished and screamed a whole class of final year students for not taking notes while she dictated lessons.  But the worst was her gesture to one girl whom she slapped many times irascibly in addition rude and belittling words towards them.


Hitting children is now completely unfair and unacceptable. We now know that this unfortunate event occurred  in private schools La Croyance high school in  Anjanahary. The Ministry of National Education will take in charge measures to   remove to school licence or teaching authorization be removed from this teacher.” posted  Paul RABARY, Minister of National Education on his facebook two hours after the video went viral.  Asked about the situation, the School Director only talked about a face to face encounter with parents of the beaten girl today.


This affaire has dug up the need or not of corporal punishment in schools. Moreover, in 2016, a ministerial note about this formally forbid kicking students in Madagascar. While the debate is still continuing on Facebook, everybody is waiting for the final decision … Ministry staff representatives will visit the establishment today stated the Minister when joined by phone yesterday.

Published on Tuesday, 04 April 2017 10:21