Malagasy music by Rinah RAKOTOVAO during  the Akkordeonale 2017 


Photo : Patrick Hajahiaina

He is already considered as the successor of Jean Emilien, the most talented malagasy accordeonist who died five days ago.

Musician and accordeonist, Nirinambinintsoa  RAKOTOVAO (Rinah RAKOTOVAO) was chosen among the world top 5 accordeonists to perform during the International Accordion Festival « Akkordeonale Internationales Akkordeon-Festival 2017 » in Germany.

Different styles and rythms but only one instrument, masters of accordion will be gathered during one month and a half  to share their passion for music.


Among the five performers are the German Stefan Straubinger, Laurent DERACHE from France, Servais Haanen from Netherlands andthe only woman Alvetina Nikitina from Russia.  After Deenyz’s entry into the Universal family, the selection of Rinah RAKOTOVAO, presented as the « Heartbeat of Madagascar » proves the international potential of malagasy music. Thirty four shows in Austria and Germany, the festival will  show the magnificience of accordion starting from 19th April during which Rinah will have the opportunity  to perform  during six spectacles.


Originally from Fianarantsoa, Rinah started to play accordion at the age of 23 before entering as an accordeonist ZMG musical group displaying traditional Betsileo music. He also played for renowned malagasy group in the past including Oladad and many more …


Published on Thursday, 13 April 2017 20:44