Celebration of « Europe Week »  in Antananarivo


European Union is the biggest world trading partner and aid supplier, during eight days, 5 – 12 May 2017, the delegation of European Union (EU) in Madagascar is organizing for the third time « Europ Week » in Antananarivo where diverse activities of diplomatic, economic and cultural importance are forthcoming. This event is a great moment to remind EU’s values and settle the optimism of will.


In the midst of the celebration, the journey of 9 May was chosen to be the "Europe Day". This is to  remember 67 years ago  to  the day the proposal of Robert Schuman, five years after the  World War II  to create an european organization in charge of pooling coal and steel production of France and Germany so therfore share national sovereignties. For the Portuguese poet, this is a project for peace and solidarity. He said " We need and Europ which wil speak with a single and same voice but with all its languages and souls … " In 2012, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the UE rewarding its integration efforts for bringing peace, stability and prosperity.


This Europe Week will also mark the 60th anniversary of  the Treaty of Rome signature, the EU sparehead of today. An exhibition about the european integration will be held both at Tahala Rarihasina Analakely and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


In 2018, Madagascar and the EU will celebrate its sixty years of successful partnership. Since 1958, the technical office which managed the first european development fund has become today the EU  delegation managing the current 11st European Development Fund (FED) until 2020.  Film projection, economic roundtable, conference-debates, Europe Week promises to be interesting …

Published on Friday, 05 May 2017 06:17