Two Malagasy to attend military training in the USA


Among the sixty places available for non american citizens around the world, two young malagasy have been chosen to attend a four years military training within two of the most distinguished american military academies.


The US Ambassador in Antananarivo Robert Yamate made known publicly on 3. May 2017 their names during a certificate awarding ceremony held at the US embassy in Antananarivo which was honored by the presence of Lantoarinjaka Razafindrakoto, Chief of Malagasy Army , Jean Marie Lucien Rakotoarisoa, Director of the Cabinet of the Ministry of National Defense and Jason Neil, representative of  United States Defense Attaché Office (USDAO) in Madagascar, the focal point for applications to US military academies.


Harry Andriantavy, 18 years old and Ritchi Ramananandro 20 will return in Madagascar in 2021 with a second lieutnant rank serving their home country alongside national army and sharing skills.

Starting next June 2017, Harry will be trained at the US Airforce Academy in Colorado whereas Ritchi will be in the US Naval Academy in Annapolis – Maryland.

Published on Friday, 05 May 2017 07:27