Emmanuel Macron : France voted a Pro-Europe president


France is not yet ready to have a woman at Head of State,  the far-right party of Ms Le Pen lost the french election despite a better score compared to what her father got in 2002.  Henceforth, Emmanuel Macron became the youngest french  and G20 president since 1848 with Napoléon Bonaparte. The incoming president celebrated his victory at the Louvre Museum  with families and more than 10 000 partisans coming to listen to their president wishes and gratitude. ‘‘I know the division of our nation which have led some to an extreme vote; I know the anger, the doubts, the anxiety that some have expressed. I will fight against the divisions that is undermining us” he said.


Macroleaks which occured many hours  before the polling day with which some hoped for a swing back to benefit Le Pen’s victory didn’t change the trend. 66,1 % voted Macron the polling day  despite 25 % of abstention rate.  In a growing threat of terrorism, France will remain a part of Europe with the Centrist Macron.  A big relief for many european leaders like Angela Merckel who said that ‘‘  it was a victory for a strong united Europe’’.


But for Macron, the real victory would be to bridge the national divide between voters and proving the effectiveness of his strategy. He has promised to lower to 7% unemployment rate, more advantages for small and medium companies as well as self employed persons. Many world leaders didn’t take too long to congratulate Macron . This morning,  along with his congratulation, the russian president Vladmir Putin calls the new president to  ‘‘overcome mutual mistrust and unite to ensure international stability and security’’.


Macron inauguration date is not yet known but he is supposed sworn in by May 14.  For the busy weeks to come, Macron next political challenge is to make his party ‘‘En Marche’’ win the parliamentary election next month, a course Ms Le Pen is already on the way to with promising a grassroot transformation including changing the « National Front » usual appellation …

Published on Monday, 08 May 2017 14:09