Claudine Razaimamonjy transferred to prison after 2 months in hospital

Claudine Razaimamonjy was finally  transferred to Antanimora prison last night, a commital order supposed to take effect last 7th April 2017 but too much delayed for « medical » reason. The wealthy woman has spent forty five days in hospital following a medical evacuation in Mauritius from 10  to 12 April. For the Union of Magistrates, currently on strike  and claiming the restoration of a law-abiding State,   this incarceration is a won battle  but not the only case to be reviewed.


‘‘ Hospitalization is no longer required ’’

Accused of misappropriation of funds, the 45 days time-frame of a prisoner hospitalization greatly exceeded. Yesterday by 7.00 pm, Claudine Razaimamonjy left her room number 126 accompanied by prison guards in direction of Antanimora. This transfer occured after a special medical commitee composed of a hospital head doctor,  the Ministry of Justice Health division  chief and two surgeons estimated she no longer need hospitalization.  


Still three charges against Ms Razaimamonjy …

Prison officers and  diplomatic personalities such as the US Ambassador Robert Yamate had expressed their opinion regarding the case of Claudine and all were for the continuation of judicial proceedings which were not respected since the beginning. Being in prison now for only one charge, Claudine Razaimamonjy still have three criminal charges to answer according to the Independent Anti-Corruption Bureau (BIANCO). So far in Madagascar history, Claudine Razaimamonjy is one of the first « powerful » figures to be in jail for embezzelement of public funds. As it’s impossible she operated alone, wait and see her revelations …

Published on Tuesday, 13 June 2017 10:33