Chronic malnutrition issue as focus during National Nutrition Days in Madagascar

     Prime Minister Olivier Mahafaly Solonandrasana pronouncing his discourse

Given that 1 in 2 children in Madagascar suffers from chronic malnutrition - a condition that affects not only physical growth but even brain development ; information and raising awareness  activities of Government of Madagascar through the Office National Nutrition (ONN) and its partners are focusing on how to tackle the issue of chronic malnutrition mainly through the new National Action Plan for Nutrition.

Celebrations of the National Days of Nutrition (JNN) was held in Fianarantsoa , ​​High Matsiatra region from 23 to 24 June with  "Investing in the prevention of chronic malnutrition, guaranteeing human capital for development Social and economic development " as chosen theme.

"We’ve chosen Haute Matsiatra region because of its chronic malnutrition high rate : 65.3% for children under five years," explains Raveloharison Ambinintsoa, ONN ​​National Coordinator . "We also opted to celebrate the JNN over two days in order to reach as many people as possible" he continues.

These days will be a great social mobilization devoted to the presentation of interventions and activities of all players in this fights fight. We will find days devoted by the government and all of its partners to raise public awareness about the best nutritional habits and nutrition challenge in the well-being of the family and the community development.

Speaking on behalf of technical and financial partners, Ms Elke Wisch, UNICEF representative in Madagascar noted that "It is during the first 1000 days that we can prevent chronic malnutrition for the development of a child's brain occurs during this period. Ensuring that every child in Madagascar has access to a diet including not only rice, but also a balanced diet and drinking water that food is not lost in diarrhea and parasites is crucial for the individual development of each child and most of all for the economic development of Madagascar as a country. "

For this year, the celebration of the JNN is not only an exhibition and a presentation of everyone’s contributions through traditional communication media. This year,  Government and its partners will demonstrate and explain through the provision of services and interventions how the fight against malnutrition is carried out. All sectors involved in f the fight against malnutrition will be represented and all players in the same line of action will come together to offer a compact, co-ordinated and coherent service.

The ONN thus wants to demonstrate that malnutrition in all its forms can be countered by the synergy of interventions.

"We will show that together we can be effective…" says the national coordinator. The effectiveness and efficiency of interventions are especially important insofar as malnutrition is no longer merely a public health problem but a real problem of socio-economic development attaining a national scale. Infant and maternal mortality, retarded growth and cognitive development, impact on education, decreased productivity and therefore an impact on the economy are just some of the many afflictions that result from malnutrition.

The Prime Minister, Mahafaly Olivier Solonandrasana, said that nutrition programs are becoming now investments for an equitable and inclusive economic development of populations along with an appreciation of their human rights.

Published on Saturday, 24 June 2017 18:06