United States – Madagascar celebrating 150 years of friendship


Since the conclusion of the « Treaty of peace, friendship and trade » between the United States and Rasoherina, Queen of Madagascar in February 1867 until the current 4th Republic in 2017 ; relationship between the United States and Madagascar has counted 27 important dates worthy to remember. From diplomatic, economic to humanitarian relations, the celebration of the 241st anniversary of American Independence in Madagascar was held yesterday at the ambassador’s house Mr Robert Yamate in Antananarivo. It pointed out the successful 150 years of successful friendship between the two countries.


The first US representative John Finkkelmeier’s report on Madagascar about its enormous potential for growth was not overstated and the USA has always been a close partner for Madagascar in achieving its economic development. Through USAID, health care, agriculture and nutrition projects reached millions of people. Last week,  american government awarded $ 33 millions for water, sanitation and hygien program, designed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Water, Energy and Hydrocarbon staff. Besides, exchange program fellowship, scholarship  and with all devoded Peace Corps volunteers will promote education, food security and good health.


During his speech, the US Ambassador Robert Yamate ask Malagasy people to remind the most recent american election which had divided politically American people insisting that «  we [American people] overcame a difficult and contentious election – out of respect for the electoral process » referring to the next 2018 presidential election in Madagascar. In the best interest of Malagasy people, inclusive, transparent, free and fair elections is a major condition to political stability.

Published on Saturday, 01 July 2017 10:53