Women Entrepreneur Finance Initiative : new opportunity for Malagasy women entrepreneurs


                                  (Photo : ABC News)

Hambourg 8 July 2017. Ivanka Trump will act officially as advocate and mentor of the Women Entrepreneur Finance Initiative. Women entrepreneurs from developing countries will get full advantages of the new World Bank Fund. Launched officially today in Hambourg, Germany during the G20 summit, the Women Entrepreneur Finance Initiative (WeFi) was Initiatied by Ivanka Trump in partnership with the Workd Bank and should grant its first loans by the end of this year.


The new fund was intended to improve finance access and market to women in developing countries where obtaining funding to build your own start-up is  impossible.


Apart 20 millions $ from Canadian Government, from now, the project has altogether fundraised 325 millions $ from eleven countries among which Donald Trump promised a 50 millions $ commitment. An attitude slightly opposed to his « America First » foreign policy and unexpected if we consider all criticism made about his non-respect of women.  The US President even congratulated his daughter for her initiative. «  Millions of people will be lifted out of poverty » he said. Saoudi Arabia, South Korea, Australia,  Demark, China and many more  has praised the launch of the project mostly Angela Merckel.


Considered as an important investment in developing nations, the WeFi will provide loans, training and online mentoring to its  beneficiaries. Eligibility requirements are not yet known at the moment but one thing is sure, encouraging entrepreneurship and training women on how to writte an effective business plan are vital.

Published on Saturday, 08 July 2017 18:56