Mad’Maso : citizen journalism training for 1st season laureates


          (Photo : Madagascar Today)

Online participartory journalism has made a big step in Madagascar. As each voice counts, involving citizens in sharing news with their peers is the first objective of Mad’Maso. After  three months of existence, the participative information show has already more than 30 000 followers on their facebook page.  « Your say, Our say », as their slogan expresses, the show which is now broadcasted on two national TVs three times a week has enabled hundreds of participants throughout the island to report weekly on a given topic trying to do their best to act as a « senior » in their field.


Both a game and a TV show, Mad’Maso has so far collected 1009 videos from participants   answering nine topics. By the end of Season 1, organizers have chosen six laureates from six regions who will after attend a one month citizen journalism initiation training offered by Prey media group. Earning the title of « Mad’Reporters » and a Tecno N9 smartphone each,  the 6 laureates (RANDRIAMALALA Elysée, NAHARISOA Minah, MIANDRANIRINA Tsarafiavy, RAMANIELSON J. Mickael, RAKOTOFALIMANANA Malala Virginie, MAMONJISOA Tavandraina ) were chosen according to the quality of their videos and their level of participation through their consistency …


Mad’Maso is open to all malagasy citizens  using facebook. Madagascar has now 1 500 000 facebook users and more can still be done if we compare thiw with participant numbers. Being on the right track,  Mad’Maso Season 2 promises to be more participative ...

Published on Wednesday, 26 July 2017 05:02