Madagascar : famous politician found dead at home


Though his resignation from the TIM (Tiako I Madagasikara) political party in 2014, he remained  an inescapable figure of Madagascar’s political life. Mamy Rakotoarivelo was found dead yesterday with a bullet in the head at his home in Ankadifotsy. He alone and his maid were at home when the  tragedy occured by 11h a.m. One day before he died, he posted on facebook a« brokenhearted » status sharing personnal troubles involving his former wife and girlfriend.


His very last message was not to te over his bod« I want to confide in my facebook about my current  worries » he said on facebook 17 hours before. 190 millions Ariary unpaid by his ex-wife after divorce in 2004, 20 millions Ariary misused by his girlfriend …  dozens of lines detailing his personal story, Mamy Rakotoarivelo seemed to get depressed years after years. Suicide attempts were also pointed out by his neighbours. His maid heard two gunshots before checking what happened before discovering a lifeless body. Crime or suicide ? Divergent opinions led to debates until this morning on his facebok wall.


The corpse was transported to HJRA for autopsy to confirm what really happened then Ambolokandrina. His last public apparition was during the  TIM’s 15th anniversary celebration at Carlton Anosy  last July 8. 2017.  We at Madagascar Today convey our sincere condolences to his families and loved ones.

Published on Saturday, 29 July 2017 12:17