Marcus Hutchins : cybersecurity hero and hacker …


His heroism was already proved at a very young age. At 22 yars old, Marcus Hutchins is a world known  figure in the area of cybersecurity.  Because of his discovery, more than ten millions computers were prevented from being infected by the ransomware Wannacry last May 2017. No tweets since August 2, Marcus Hutchins, also known as Malwaretech from his twitter account was arrested by the FBI during « Def Con »,  an annual hackers gathering in Las Vegas from 27 to 30 July 2017.


His arrestatation was a shock to those infected by Wannacry. The young man working  for Kryptos Logic was arrested with his friend  whose name is kept secret until now.  They are accused of having created Kronos, a Trojan horse  which aims to collect  payment details from hijacked websites in specific countries : Germany, United Kingdom, Poland and France … They have to respond to answer to charges and provide information about a youtube video posted three years ago where his friend was explaining Kronos function.


Beyond coding Kronos, his partner is charged with marketing Kronos on Alphabay, an online forum where the malware was priced at 7000 $, update included and described as able to go unnoticed by malicious software radars. For his side, it’s said that Marcus Hutchins  passed out Kronos through Dark Web. The British Embassy in Washington is already in touch with Las Vegas  authorities  after the arrestation.

Published on Friday, 04 August 2017 15:05