How to writte down your password safely in  a notebook ?


Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, online forum accounts, Paypal, blogs,  … remembering password is not always easy when websites require different mandatory formats or lenght so one good password won’t work for all of the twenty websites you have user ID or codes for all your online bank accounts. It goes even worse for website requiring you to change password from time to time avoiding using the password already used before.

How many times your account has been blocked after three trials in entering your password ?  It has always been said that writting your password in a notebook is the worst thing you can do, however, there are some tips to secure them and help your brain in this stressful world. This article is not to tell you how to choose your passwords but how to record yours in a safely manner.   


1)    First and last letter only

The first rule is not to note your whole password on paper. No worry even if your notebook appeared to be a password note. Write down only the first and last letter (or number) … It goes without saying that your password shouldn’t be very unique with no one being able to guess it.  You can leave dotted lines in between and may add one letter as a clue.


2)    Writte from right to left

When writting in arabic language, people who might have a glance at your notes will be misled for they will try to identify your password by reading it normally, trying to find a word starting with the last letter of your password. This will also work when your password was generated by a website (but not your own). These kind of passwords are always difficult to remember so most of the time, you have to writte it all. In this case,  the third tip will help you make your password challenging to decrypt if they look like w12kj5Tdzkp09  or p2PXxw78zan  …


3)    Identify your writing tip.

Let’s imagine your password is sm51cwxR1G6321.  Your success greatly depend on your writing tip, everything will start  with how you writte your password.

You will agree that the first and last letter won’t be enough in writting  reversly. Here, you are forced to note it all so it will give 1236G1Rxwc15ms. But let’s say people know how you work, that you are following the first rule.  You need to have a writing tip you can change for every password.  

The simplest way is to write letters by changing their order,  may be every 2 letters or 3 letters. it’s up to you. For our example, it would give  normally s5m1cxwR16G312, and if written  reversely,  it would give 213G61Rwxc1m5s … It’s just a tip, you can writte anyway you want or feel easy to do …


4)    Coding with account

To avoid creating a new password for a website, choose one from those generated automatically for others accounts. Instead of noting the password, just note in reverse the account concerned (You will know it has the same pasword as the mentionned account you will refer to in other pages of your notebook).

Connecting to some account can become burdensome merely at the idea of entering your password and the screen displays «  You have entered the wrong password » or «  ID or password incorrect. Try again » … From the tips above, try to be the best password coder you can be.

Published on Saturday, 05 August 2017 06:36