Usain Bolt ends his career with bronze medal in 100 meters final


                      Photo : Getty images

The legendary world’s fastest man Usain Bolt didn’t end his career in a crowning way. He left the Olympic stadium crowd into near silence after being  beaten by the american Justin Gatlin in 100 meters final during the Word Athletics Championship in London on August 5. Winning bronze medal for his last individual race, he said « No regrets » ; the defeat has no impact in his decision. After being an inspiration to many for almost a decade, the king of race will turn 31 years old next by the end of August.


The scenario recalls the one in Pekin and Rio where Usain Bolt managed to regain the course in front of Gatlin but for the first time, Usain Bolt  slow start didn’t work enabling the american team to overtake the field. « It’s just so surreal right now …he (Usain Bolt) congratulated me, I deserve my victory » Gatlin declared.


Without boasting, he bowed in admiration in front of Usain Bolt, a respected figure in 100 meters run knowing how much this was important to him. Now 35 years old, Gatlin was the 2004 olympic champion and 2005 world champion.  From 2006 to 2010, he was suspended for doping instead of a lifetime ban. This 9.92  victory is like his golden revenge, his triumphal return in response to people boos and the bad boy  image longly conveyed by medias about him.


Usain Bolt’s 9.95 has been his slowest timing in 100 meters final. 9.69 in Pekin, 9.78 in New York,  he still hold the world record under 9.60 with 9.58 s in Berlin in 2009 making the world proud of Jamaica,  his country.

Published on Sunday, 06 August 2017 13:33