Rwanda : third mandate for Paul Kagamé 


His political success is a dream for most African presidents, Paul Kagame is officially re-elected for the third time without difficulty maintaining his strong man status in Rwanda . Leading the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF),Paul Kagame won with 98 % of votes leaving his two opponents very far behind with less than 1% each. His victory was long awaited by those seeing him as a visionary person.  At 59 years old, Paul Kagame’s success in terms of development is not to be discussed, raising up a country devastated by a genocide in 1994.


Criticised for his autoritarianism and repressive policy toward national opposition and freedom of expression, Paul Kagame is about to start his third seven year mandate. His opponents, Philippe Mpayimana (0,72%), independent candidate and Frank Habineza (0,45 %), leader of Green Democratic Parti accepted their defeat.  But this victory is not a surprise, it’s just a logical continuation of Rwandans population when they voted in 2015  the current Constitution allowing the outgoing president to be eligible for a third mandate and even until 2034 to promote a new Rwanda.


For Robert Mugabe, a daring rwandan journalist founder of Great Lakes Voices, Paul Kagame’s victory is a not one, it’s a crowning achievement. Anyway, Rwandan remarkable rebuilding has always been taken as an example for least developing countries in Africa like Madagascar which has everything to shine in the continent and where there was no genocide. Kigali is the cleanest city in Africa, a total contradiction with Antananarivo.

Published on Sunday, 06 August 2017 15:08