Raymond Mandiny : another case to silence environmentalists in Madagascar


Another bad new for all environmentalists in Madagascar, today Raymond Mandiny is expected to go to jail after complaints filed by the Quartering Chief  of Environment, Ecology and Forest in Ambanja for defamation and usurpation of function. Like Armand Marozafy and Clovis Razafimalala, Raymond Mandiny is an active member of National Coalition for the Protection of the Environment (CNPE) ; a fervent environmentalist, responsible of the Independent Observatory of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Madagascar  (OIDESCM) in Diana region - North of Madagascar.


His activism concerned the rights of communities affected by the rare earth project of Tantalum Rare Earths Madagascar (TREM) in Ampasindava.


For the Center for Research and Support for Development Alternatives in the Indian Ocean (CRAAD-OI),  Raymond Mandiny is a victim of persecution and intimidation to silence him. As for Clovis Razafimalala, his case would serve as an example to all  critical voices that could be raised against this potentially destructive mining project. A hearing is to be held today Sept. 8th  2017 in Ambanja ; they therefore will pay an utmost attention to how the Court of Ambanja will treat this affair counting on  the “independence of judges” so much proclaimed  during the last few weeks for he will obtain justice.


As a Clovis-like story is about to happen,  the CRAAD-OI and the OIDESCM call for all  involved  stakeholders to respect commitments made when adopting the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders in 1998 and guarantee their protection against any form of repression.

Published on Friday, 08 September 2017 11:17